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Last trip to Tres Unidos Five of us will leave Germany at the beginning of January to support the villagers of Tres Unidos during the final construction of the bridge. Together we will erect the pylons, stress the cables...  more    more
Wood arrived Much to our surprise the boards and the pylon logs arrived in Tres Unidos. We orderd the wood during our last Trip in September and everybody told us it would need a lot of time to cut in shape and...  more    more
2500 Dollars donated for replacement of stolen money Our very special thanks go the all of them, who donated money as a replacement for the amount of cash, that was stolen during our last trip to Peru (see Latest News). About 2.500 Dollars were raised,...  more    more
Money stolen Our third trip to Peru was overshadowed by a robbery during which most of our documents for the project, a pricy laptop and 4,300 Dollars cash were stolen. It happened at an empty restaurant at the...  more    more
Next trip to Tres Unidos From September 11th to Spetember 22nd our Manager Eric Kuhn will be in Peru again to visit Tres Unidos, see what the volunteers did so far and organise the next steps with them. On the iternary...  more    more
Casting of concrete progresses Pictures arrived from Tres Unidos showing the progress the workers make with the casting of concrete. On the first excavation they already filled the two lower levels, setting the anchor rods in...  more    more
Preparations for concrete work Good news from Tres Unidos! The villagers organised the sand and already started to bring it to the village’s opposite riverside. People really have to labour carrying the heavy load in bags...  more    more
1.000 Dollar for village of origin Ney Linares, our "original link" between Tres Unidos and Bridges to Prosperity, right now visits his village of origin. What he brings along is a 1.000 Dollar donation for the bridge...  more    more
1.000 EUR Donation We received a donation of 1.000 EUR from Klaus Viegener, manager of the Actu Beratungs- und Vertriebs- GmbH. Mr. Viegener has close contacts to Bridges to Prosperity and supported this charity for...  more    more
Second excavation finished Much to our surprise we found that the second excavation on the opposite riverside has already been finished by the villagers. Our contact person Damaso was engaged with his own business during...  more    more
First part of the excavation work finished The villagers finished the first part of the excavation work for the abutments and foundations. They had to cope with extremly hard and dry soil full of boulder rocks and the pictures we received...  more    more
Revised pylon design During the planning process we had to change details of the pylon's design.  We got several tips from other construction experts, thinking that the first design concept might not be stiff...  more    more
Latest Update Alpin Technik manager Eric Kuhn is back from his trip to Tres Unidos, where he had a busy week initialising the construction process of our footbridge. Here is an overview of what we reached so...  more    more
First materials purchased During the first days of his latest Peru Trip, our manager Eric Kuhn has been busy with organising the first building materials for the Tres Unidos Bridge. In Lima he bought the four load bearing...  more    more
Next trip to Peru From May 19th to June 6th our manager Eric Kuhn will travel to Peru again to start with the first bridge building works. One of the first things to do is buying the cables in Lima and organise...  more    more
List of volunteers It didn't take very long time and our first letter to the villagers was answered. As a result we now have a long list of volunteers who will do the bridge building.  Here are a few names: 01....  more    more
Letter to Tres Unidos residents A letter to the residents of Tres Unidos is on the way. With the help of one of our freelance employees we wrote a spanish letter to ask the villagers to form a team of volunteers. They shall...  more    more
Statics approved With help of engineering consultant Karsten Fuge we were able to finish all static calculations and adjusted our design to a final version. Interesting to know, that our ideas more or...  more    more
Final decision on wood After thorough considerations of various pros and cons we finally decided to use Quinilla (also known as Peruvian Cherry) for the construction of pylons and bridge deck. Out of all locally...  more    more
Seeking Prosperity The first quarter issue of "Bridge design & engineering" carries an article about the Peru programme of "Bridges to Prosperity". It shows the organisation's...  more    more
Letter of Intention received From the "Municipalidad Distrital de Tres Unidos" we received a letter of intention, stating their commitment for the bridge building. For us, this means a great step forward since it shows the will...  more    more
First Trip to Peru At the beginning of this year, Alpin Technik Manager Eric Kuhn visited Peru to meet all the partners involved in the project and to inspect the future project site. He evaluated...  more    more