Money stolen
Lima airport became trap

Our third trip to Peru was overshadowed by a robbery during which most of our documents for the project, a pricy laptop and 4,300 Dollars cash were stolen. It happened at an empty restaurant at the Lima airport, when Eric was answering a question of some “security officer” and took his eye off the daypack that was standing right next to his feet. They talked only a few seconds but that apparently was enough time for the security officer’s partner to steel the bag. Eric still can not explain how the bag which he was literally standing on could been taken away without anybody’s notice.

We had been aware of the country’s safety situation for travellers but since cash withdrawals of bigger amounts are almost impossible even in Lima, we had to carry the money with us. Keeping a tight eye on valuables is not enough however and we had to learn that the hard way.

At this point all our gratitude goes to Bridges to Prosperity . Right after they learnt about this, they sent out a call for help. Many of their supporters donated for the refund and foremost we got support from Peruvians who felt ashamed about their countrymen.

Thanks to everybody who backs up the Tres Unidos Footbridge Project!