The Network
Who supports the Footbridge Project

Bridges To Prosperity (B2P)
Bridges to Prosperity is an American non-governmental organisation. Visit their website to learn about their concept, their mission and the projects they already realised. Our contact person in Lima, Zoe Keone, helps with everything she can.

Ney Linares
Ney is our American contact to B2P. He was born in Tres Unidos and immigrated to the US. Today he lives in St. Louis and volunteers for Bridges to Prosperity. He supports his village of origin wherever he can. In us, he found the supporter, who helps him his dream to come true, to help his people with an own bridge.

Damaso Martinez
Damaso is the nephew of Ney, our B2P contact. He lives in Tarapoto, the city which is next to Tres Unidos. With his Internet access and English skills he helps us staying in contact with the villagers of Tres Unidos.

Karsten Fuge
civil engineer, helps us with static calculations. He works for an engineering consultant company and often supports us on our regular projects.

Roland Weber, DSI München 
civil engineer, makes drawings which are going to complete our manual on bridge building, provided consultancy in bridge building
Sebastian Gomez
freelance rope access worker translates into Spanish for us
Globetrotter GmbH
sponsors an IRIDIUM SIM card for our satellite telephone 

Leikra GmbH
sponsors 1.500 EUR. We bought the load bearing cables out of this.

Lions Club Markkleeberg / Club de Leones de Tarapoto
provides donation structure and handles money transfer 

Klaus Viegener, Actu Beratungs- und Vertriebs- GmbH
has close contacts to Bridges to Prosperity and donated 1.000 EUR to our project

Holger Engelmann
our software specialist donatet 180 EUR.

Carlos Rioja (Peru), Chris Rollins, Steve Lanning, Jenny Ross, Breck Ingles,
Marty and Ken Frantz (USA)

all responded to a B2P appeal for money to compensate the loss of our stolen donations.