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News from the second trip to Tres Unidos

Alpin Technik manager Eric Kuhn is back from his trip to Tres Unidos, where he had a busy week initialising the construction process of our footbridge. Here is an overview of what we reached so far (for the correspondig pictures see the gallery):
Eric and Damaso, our "rigth hand" on place, bought most of the material and brought it to Tres Unidos. Some basic tools like a saw and saw blades, welding equipment, paint brushes etc. completed their shopping list. Now, all the equipment is stored on at the mayors house.
We explained the bridge and built a model of it with help of the village's welder. There is a small garage in Tres Unidos, where everybody gets his metal work done. This is quite advantageous, since we do not need to have the welding work done in Tarapoto and the villagers economically benefit a little from the bridge building.
Eric and the volunteers measured out the construction ground and defined it by wooden sticks. Since we explained thouroughly how important this step is for the whole construction process, we hope that nobody removes the sticks and they keep on using it for further measurements.
The villagers started the excavation work. They will start we one abutment first and finish it completely before the go to the other river side.
The next steps were defined. Once they finished the excavation, they will start the concrete work. Eric and the villagers together already built a reinforcement cage , that will become the abutment's base. If this is finished too, the pylon's foundation will be the next thing to do. Only if they finished this, they will start with the same work on the opposite river side.