Bridge Design and Engineering
How we solve the problem

Before we finally decided to do the project, we made a first evaluation trip to Peru,
to check the situation and see, what is really needed.

What we found out:
-  topographic conditions ask for a suspension
   bridge with a span of 65 meters
-  humidity is high during the whole year,
   wrong materials rot very fast
-  the river swells up to three meters
   at least twice a year
-  cement and reinforcing steel is widely available,
   a foundation could be made out of this
-  aggregates are of poor quality, which results
   in non-lasting concrete
-  extremely hard and durable wood is easy to get,
   we have to use as much as possible of this
-  galvanised steel cable is available in Lima,
    prices are moderate


Step by step to
bridge construction

Step 1
Basic design

Step 2

Step 3
Construction details

Further requirements on bridge design
-  to make rebuilding of the bridge possible, only local tools and equipment has to be used
-  life time shall be 50 years with no maintenance at all
-  minor repairs need to be done easily and intuitive, without any special skills

With this in mind, we are currently designing the bridge. The results will be
published step by step.