Welcome to the Tres Unidos Footbridge Project
Community Bridge Building in Peru

familyThis is about a vision. The vision to make things better by sharing knowledge, working together and helping each other.

Together with the Peruvian community of Tres Unidos we want to build a footbridge. We will design a bridge type that can be easily replicated elsewhere in Peru and teach the locals in such a way that 50 bridges can be built for every one we assist.  We will "plant the seed" with the Tres Unidos Footbridge and help it grow into much more.

Visit us regularly and see how this vision becomes true. 

The bridge has been completed!
In January 2007 five of the Alpin Technik staff went to Peru to finally erect the bridge together with the volunteers of Tres Unidos. See how the project became reality in our gallery section and watch the lastest pictures of our fourth trip! Read also the latest newsletter in German or English